Animal Policy and Procedure

* A non-refundable pet fee of ($150.00) is charged per pet up to two pets.

*Renter’s insurance is required for pet owner’s
* Service/Companion Animals and Pets must be inoculated in accordance with State and Local laws. Owners must provide proof of inoculations to management.
* Service/companion Animals and Pets must be registered with Project management.
* Service/Companion Animals and Pets may be exercised only in authorized areas. Waste must be placed in plastic bags, secured and placed in the garbage dumpster.
* Common household pets are generally defined as domesticated dogs, cats and caged birds. The weight of the pet may not exceed 35 pounds.
* Pets must be kept on a short leash and controlled by a responsible adult, not children.
* In case owner is incapacitated or otherwise unable to care for the pet or animal, the complex manager may enter the apartment to take necessary action to either remove the animal or arrange for its care.
* Service and Companion Animals are not pets.
* Any animal required for the physical, mental or emotional well being of a resident is considered a service animal or a companion animal, it is not a pet.
* Verification of the medical necessity of a service/companion animal is required.
* No deposit is required on service/companion animals.
* An agreement must be completed for all pets and service/companion animals.
* A pet addendum must also be completed for all pets and a service/companion animal addendum must be completed for all service/companion animals.
* Pets may not visit the property, but individuals may bring service/companion animals with them during a visit. No service/companion animal of a visitor is allowed to remain at the property when the visitor has left. The resident is responsible for the actions of the animal while it is visiting.
* Service/Companion Animals and Pets may not be left outside unattended at any time.
* Animals may not be bred, sold and or given away on the property. All pets must be neutered or spayed so as not to produce offspring.
* Should the pet or service/companion animal create a nuisance or disturb other residents and/or their guest; the pet or service/companion animal will need to be removed from the premises.