* Service Request: Tenant must contact the Landlord’s office for all repairs needed to the Premises, or any other part of the community. If an emergency maintenance problem arises during non-office hours, such as no heat, water leaks, an overflow of a sink or bathtub, or any evidence of water damage/leakage Tenant must call the emergency maintenance number provided immediately.

* Rental Payment: Rent is to be mailed or delivered to the manager’s office. If mailed, rent is considered to be received when it is delivered. No cash or payroll checks will be accepted.

* Utilities: Tenant shall contact utility companies prior to move-in and direct the utility company to open an acount for the Premises in Tenant’s name. Failure to keep said utilities turned on in tenants name will be deemed a serious violation of this agreement and could result in termination.

* Disturbances: Loud, boisterous or crude behavior on the part of Tenant or guests, which would be reasonably expected to disturb other residents or their guests, is absolutely prohibited. The loud playing of radios, televisions, or other musical instruments is discouraged at all times and is not permitted after 10:00 pm or before 8:00 am.

* Lockouts: In the event Tenant is inadvertently locked out of the premises, Tenant may contact Landlord to arrange for entry during office hours. During non-office hours, Tenant can call Landlord and for a fee of $35.00 to gain entry in their apartment or Tenant may arrange for a locksmith at Tenant’s expense. Should Tenant cause or allow any damage to the Premises or the Community (i.e. door, windows or screen) to gain access, Tenant shall be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement.

* Smoke Detectors/Stoves/Refrigerators/Range Hoods: The Premises is equipped with a smoke detector, stove, refrigerator and range hood, all in working order at the time of move in. Tenants must notify Landlord in writing, immediately, of any malfunction. Failure to adhere to this rule, or willfully tampering with the smoke detector could be grounds for termination of the Lease.

* Refuse Disposal: Tenant must cooperate to keep all areas of the Community as clean as possible, particularly the area around the dumpsters. Tenant must place all trash in heavy secured plastic bags and deposit in the dumpster while ensuring that no trash will spill outside of the designated area. Tenant shall not attempt to dispose of furniture, tires, large items or any hazardous material in the community or its trash facilities. Refuse is not permitted in exterior halls (if applicable) or to be set outside your entry doors. Disregarding these rules may result in a $25.00 fine the first time with a graduated fine of $10.00 increments. If possible, please flatten cardboard boxes before disposing in dumpster.

* All Vehicles: No inoperable, unregistered or unlicensed vehicle shall be permitted to be in the Community. Parking spaces will be assigned and Tenant must register Tenant’s vehicles with Landlord, if asked to do so. Tenant shall be considerate of other residents by asking any guests to park in areas away from the buildings so that they do not take up spaces needed by residents. Tenant and guest must honor spaces designated as handicap parking.

Abandoned vehicles, vehicles without a current license plate, flat tire and/or vehicles not in driving condition will be towed at the expense of Tenant. Oil/transmission leaks are the Tenant’s responsibility to clean up, otherwise, charges will apply. No automobile repairs are to be made in the Community. This includes oil changing or grease jobs. Washing of any vehicle is strictly prohibited unless otherwise stated.

Changing a flat is allowed, so long as the good tire is put on immediately. No vehicle is to be left unattended while on a jack or lift. The parking or storage of boats or trailers in the Community is prohibited and they will be hauled away at the owner’s expense. Do not park or have wheels on the grass. Motorcycles or other gasoline driven vehicles must not be stored on patios or any place in any building.

Speeding and reckless driving in the Community will not be tolerated. The speed limit in the Community of 15 MPH must be observed at all times and drivers must be alert for all pedestrians.

* Solicitors: Soliciting, including by Tenant, Occupants or guests, is strictly prohibited in the Community, and Tenant is requested to notify Landlord when solicitors or any suspicious persons appear on the property.

* Fire: Tenant shall not cause or permit anything to be done on the Premises, or bring or keep anything therein, that shall in any way increase the rate of fire insurance, or the risk of fire, or bring or keep anything therein that will interfere with the right of other residents, or in any way injure or annoy them or conflict with any insurance policy or any part thereof, or conflict with any of the rules and ordinances of the Board of Health. No kerosene heaters or any type of fossil fuel heaters shall be allowed in the Community. LP gas grills and/or charcoal fired grills are prohibited on balconies, patios or within twenty (20) feet of any structure. Landlord strongly recommends, but does not require, that you purchase renters insurance for your personal possessions and to provide money for potential liabilities to Landlord or others.

* Windows: Tenant must take care not to leave windows or doors open when it rains or snows. All draperies or window coverings shall be white or white backed to present a uniform exterior appearance. Window coverings must not be longer than 2″ below window sill. No sheets, blankets, paper or other materials are permitted at windows.

* Painting: No painting shall be done, nor shall any alterations be made to any part of the building by putting up or changing any partitions, doors, windows, nor shall there be any nailing, boring, or screwing into the woodwork or plastering, without the prior, written consent of Landlord.

* Locks: No additional locks are to be put on any door, without Landlord’s prior written consent. If Landlord consents to an additional lock being placed on the door, Tenant shall immediately provide Landlord with a key.

* Common Areas: No animals, birds, bicycles or other vehicles shall be allowed in the common areas. Landlord reserves the right to remove any and all objectionable items and nuisances, and the failure on the part of Landlord to remove it promptly does not constitute a waiver in the regard. Tenants shall not obstruct or block in any manner doorways, entries, halls, stairways or sidewalks, nor use the same for any purpose other than ingress and egress. The common halls and corridors of the buildings shall not be used, under any circumstances, as play areas or for storage. The turf, trees and shrubbery are a vital and valuable part of the premises and Tenant shall be liable to assessment for damages for any mutilation or defacing thereof.

* Pets: Tenants shall not keep, feed, or harbor any dogs, cats, or other animals in or about the buildings as pets, unless authorized in writing by landlord. If Tenant or any Occupant is certified to require the services of a trained and certified service animal, such animal shall be permitted after notice to Landlord.

* Inspections: Inspections of all apartments will be conducted periodically. If the condition of the Premises shows damage or is not clean and sanitary, Tenant will be notified in writing and be expected to correct the problem identified in the notice. If the condition of the Premises has not corrected, termination of the Lease my occur. If extermination of vermin is required as a result of Tenant’s uncleanliness, Tenant will be charged for the exterminating expenses.

* Other subsidies: In the event that Tenant is or becomes eligible to receive any type of rental or utility subsidy from any source other than RD/RHS, or experiences any change in the eligibility for or amount of such subsidy, Tenant must notify Landlord in writing within ten days of notice of the same.

* Carpet Cleaning: Permanent stains, burns or cuts in carpet will result in replacement of carpet or sheet goods at Tenant’s expense. Upon Tenant’s vacating of the Premises, landlord will make arrangements for the carpet to be cleaned and protected and the cost may be deducted from the Tenant’s security deposit.

* Complaints: Any complaints must be placed in writing and given to Landlord. It is Landlord’s desire to respond to all complaints with 24 hours, unless a complaint occurs on a weekend or holiday. Emergencies will receive immediate attention.

* Disability: In the event Tenant or any Occupant has a disability such that he/she is deprived of the beneficial enjoyment of the Premises without an accommodation or modification. Tenant shall notify Landlord in writing, describing the needed accommodation or modification.

* Harassment To Landlord: Any harassment, vulgarity or threat directed to the landlord may result in eviction of Tenant, any Occupant, or any guest.