Rent Collection Policy

* All rent is due on the 1st of the month. Rent is considered late on the 2nd of each month. As a courtesy, a grace period of six (6) days is granted before late fees Fifty Dollars ($50.00) is added to your account balance.

* All residents that have not made payment by the sixth of the month will receive a written late rent notice. This notice must give five (5) days to respond to the notice before we take any adverse action.

* All residents that have not made payment by the tenth of the month shall receive a written notice which states the entire balance due and that if payment is not received in full at that time, eviction proceedings will begin.

* Eviction proceedings will begin on the 11th of the month for all residents that have balances.

* If you receive a notification from the courts that an eviction has been filed, you will have the opportunity to pay all money that is due including the cost of filing the eviction proceeding; before the court date. If account balance is paid in full before the court date; the preceeding will be cancelled. Partial payments will not be accepted to cancel a court date.

In addition to the above listed information, please remember the following:

* Cash is not accepted for payment for any charges and/or fees. This includes rent payments, late fees, damage fees and security deposit payments.

* Paying your rent after the 6th of the month more than three times within a twelve month time period will lead to a termination of your lease agreement.